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BaleDreams of the darkness have haunted me since childhood. I always assumed one day I would uncover the answer to what the darkness hid...and that those answers would destroy me.

However, after learning who my mate is, I know it won’t be the darkness that kills will be him.

No matter what happens, I plan to take Wrath with me when I die.

WrathI wasn’t prepared to discover my Chosen in the tempting, red-haired paliton, but now that I’ve found her, I’m not letting her go...even if she’d prefer to see me dead.

Determined to make Bale bow to my will, I wasn’t expecting the turn of events that thrusts us into a situation far deadlier than any I’ve ever encountered. Nor was I expecting to fall for the infuriating beauty.

She may want to kill me, but she will be mine...unless the answers to what lay within the darkness destroy us both first.

Find out if Bale and Wrath turn from enemies to lovers in the action-packed conclusion to the Hell on Earth series.

Tags: Romance , USA

Brenda K. Davies 2021-11-16